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Hi! My name is Rhandi Fisher, and I both write and draw this little comic. Talk about multi-tasking!


PoL is a lot of things. Much of it is an action comedy, but I think it’s safe to say it’s a coming-of-age story about a scrawny, nerdy extrovert who becomes a brawny, nerdy extrovert, peeling back the layers of his life like an onion of mis-adventure. One of the core themes of PoL is dealing with the consequences of one’s actions, whether intended or unintended. If you enjoy the comic and would like to help it grow, please have a look at the ways you can help support PoL!


I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon. The first thing I clearly remember drawing was a picture of a Ninja Turtle for a pre-school classmate (possibly Leonardo). Comics came around age 11, after being inspired by Garfield, of all things. I grew up to work as an artist for a Disney-owned social media company, but I’ve also worked on a few independent titles for others, including work as colorist and letterer for Matthew Smith’s “Apeman & Monkeyboy.” I’m currently sailing the freelance illustration waters, but hope that PoL can become my full-time project eventually.

I also used to be pretty heavily involved in the Dragonball Z and Ultimate Muscle fandoms. I still have people from both poking me over stuff I made up to 10 years ago. Oddly enough, most of my professional contacts now are people I was dorking around with back then. Life is funny that way!


I mentioned my fellow dorks of DBZs past in the previous paragraph. One of them is an awesome web designer, C.A. Morgan. She also webcomics in her sparetime, and is the author of TDUGN. Feel free to check it out!



If you want to talk to little, unremarkable me, you can use the nifty email form in the contact section to shoot me a line. You can also hit me up on the Twitter if you want.

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