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What’s going to happen to [character whose fate is as of yet undetermined]?

Sit back and relax. You’ll find out in due time.



Character Specific


Are Familiars #1 and #2 based on Sanji and Kuro of “One Piece” (respectively)?

Yes. First introduced in Episode 04, I thought I’d model some physical traits after those “One Piece” boys as a joke, thinking they’d never reappear again. Oh, well.


How long has the Zapatos Gang been around?

75 years.


How did Valdez become “Daddy” of the Zapatos Gang?

He started out as a messenger boy at the age of 15, and moved up in rank over a number of years. He eventually made it to night manager (loss prevention) and was the underboss of then “Daddy” Kane. He and Kane didn’t see eye to eye on a few things (particularly the expansion into the slave trade), and as a result, ousted Kane from his position. Also, the title of “Daddy” is the equivalent of what we’d refer to as the Godfather.


Does Kedamono still have his tail spike now that he’s a superbeast?

Yes. It’s just concealed by his fur.

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Natural Monuments & Magics


If anyone can become a superbeast by eating the World Tree’s fruit, then what’s to stop superbeasts from popping up all over?

The World Tree only bears, at most, two fruit at a time, and only bears another fruit when an eater of its fruit dies. This effectively keeps the superbeast population in check.


Besides eating the World Tree’s fruit, are there other ways of becoming a superbeast?

Yes, through other Natural Monuments (each of which have their own system on superbeast population check), and Binding and Transference. More on that later. (Don’t bother asking about it.)


What would happen to a person if they ate more than one of the World Tree’s fruit?

In the event that there was another fruit available to eat, nothing really. There are at least two types of magic in PoL, World Magic being the type found in Natural Monuments such as Yggdrasil. World Magic can be thought of like blood types. The type you have is the type you have, and adding the same type from a different source won’t have any adverse effects. Different types can be mixed, but unless certain circumstances are met, can have results similar to giving a person with A-type blood a B-type transfusion, for example. Not good.

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Can superbeasts reproduce?

Yes. You need only look at the gryphons, who are descendants of superbeasts. This was also confirmed by Danny in Episode 03.


Are there any rules to superbeast reproduction?

Only superbeasts sharing traits with the species of its partner of choice can successfully reproduce. To put it in perspective, the superbeasts from which all modern gryphons descend would have to have been bird-based in order to interbreed successfully with normal avians. (the same would hold true for lion-based superbeasts, if any exist). That said, if that bird superbeast were to copulate with, say, an equine, nothing would result except for a good time, or tears. Perhaps both. To sum it up, 1 + 1 =/= 3 when it comes to relations across unrelated species lines.


Are there female superbeasts?


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